Learn How to Receive Your Runescape Party Hat For Free

Published: 28th August 2009
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Get a Free Runescape Party Hat

If you have played Runescape before, you probably know how much of an element wealth and gold makes in the game. Wealthier players are often looked up to, while the average'poor' Runescape player is talked down to. This manifestly signifies the significance of being loaded in Runescape ; it is just much more enjoyable to have a large amount of gold. Additionally, while there are plenty of techniques in Runescape to show off one's wealth, the ultimate item of wealth is the Runescape Party Hat.
A Runescape Party Hat can come in six different colours : blue, green, purple, red, white and yellow. Each color has its own background and individual price .
There are 2 reasons why a Runescape Party Hat is so significant. Party hats, unlike the other intensely expensive Runescape items like the Elysian Spirit Shield and the Divine Sigil, do not have any stat bonuses or real purpose, aside from bragging how rich the owner is. For that reason, party hats basically tell other players'I am so rich I'll spend my cash on unnecessary items instead of equipment.'
the real reason why a Runescape Party Hat is so pricey is they fall into the category of rare, dropped items. Runescape Party Hats were originally obtained thru the 2001 Runescape Xmas event, in which players were able to find dropped Yuletide crackers. By opening a Yuletide cracker, one player would receive a Runescape Party Hat of random color, while the other would receive a junk item.
For a long time in Runescape history, only the most elite players would have the opportunity to possess a Runescape Party Hat, and the very richest of players were known to own 2 or more. This is just the way the Runescape economy worked, up until now. While the Runescape Party Hats they are giving away are obviously dupes of original party hats, they are utterly undetectable and impossible to tell apart from an original party hat. So if you are bored with looking upon other Runescape players enviously, be certain to check RunescapePartyHats.com before they decide to stop giving away free party hats.
How to Get a Free Runescape Party Hat

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